Birthdays have always been special occasions in my family. My dad would go out of his way to make sure that his little girls had the best time. Our birthdays normally consisted of cake, drinks and food, and, that is a tradition that my sisters and i have carried on with 😊 

I’ve had two amazing birthdays in my adult years: one which this guy i was dating (now my ex, no names 😁)went out of his way to make sure i had a blast. This years is two.

I love people who go the extra mile, because I’m one of them myself. Im shamelessly selfless and therefore get easily hurt when i encounter selfish people. 

This year, this group of people that i spent my birthday with proved to me that genuine love does exist. It wasn’t about the gifts or venue, what hit home with me is the fact that they were more excited than i was 😂😁 

Here are a few pictures from the day. 
Ps. If you have people who stay in your life even when you have nothing to offer them, keep them!! 


Location: The Arbour 

Photography: Ravi Soin 

Cake @pastrypleasures



Hi loves!! I know its been a minute, how are y’all doing? Personally im stocked!! My birthday is literally in 4 days and I’m super excited 😀

So Sunday is my favourite day of the week because I get to bumm around and eat lots of junk lol Last sunday my fam and  went to our usual joint, i mean we love this place coz it’s just cosy and the food is amazing!!

The restaurant is called Urban Eatery and their theme is presenting the all-new concept of eating out; redefining urban living in a social space that matches the pace of Nairobi’s urban lifestyle. It is located in Westlands, at Delta Corner’s PWC Tower.





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Hi loves, I know it has been a minute since my last blog post. I’ve been so busy enjoying myself that i lost track of time. Thank God for the 4th of July which is a holiday in my university and Eidd celebrations conveniently falling in the same week resulting in me having a mini holiday lol 😉

We had been contemplating going to The Hub (Karen) but last-minute changes led us to Rolf’s place which is a hotel located on the South East border of the Nairobi National Park (check my previous post). It’s built like a medieval fortress on the edge of a cliff. A rickety suspension bridge leads to the large mansion situated on the cliff. Light warning though, if you are not a fan of heights like myself, don’t look down!! I almost passed out 😀 😀


The hotel itself is interestingly decorated and features an array of unique artwork. Did I mention that the chandelier is partly made up of ostrich eggs? yeah! Imagine my surprise too.



The food was delicious and well worth the wait (approximately 1 and a half hours). We ordered individual dishes as no one wanted to sample the meat platters. I had grilled spring chicken which  came with a side of fries and the whole combination was out of this world! My younger sister had pepper steak; which we all tried and quickly regretted why we didn’t order it instead :D. The rest had  fillet Mignon and a rack of ribs. I have to say the food surpassed our expectations.  The bill, plus drinks came to about Kshs 5, 600 ($56).

The menu cover is made of cow skin. Quite unique.


My overall experience was quite enjoyable and we all had a good time. The service, though a bit slow was good, the ambiance too was awesome. But the view was the highlight of the day.

We later headed to La Cascina, an Italian restaurant at The Hub for dessert.


Ps Guys caution, if you’re not a sweet tooth do not order the triple chocolate cake at La Cascina or Art cafe lol
Outfit details: Dress & Jacket from Forever 21, Shoes from a street vendor in Bangkok and snake print sling bag from unique accessories on IG

How to get there:

Rolf’s place is situated 19km from the city centre in Kajiado at the outskirts of Nairobi, If using public means, take matatu or bus number 125 from the city centre, and alight at the junction of Magadi Road and Maasai Lodge road. You should be able to get a bodaboda (motorbike taxi) from here up to Rolf’s.

If driving, take Uhuru Highway till Nyayo Stadium, then turn right onto Langata Road once you reach the junction at the Bomas of Kenya, turn into Magadi road then turn left into Maasai Lodge road. The turn is about 1.4km past Multimedia University of Kenya. Drive straight ahead for 5.9km, Maasai Lodge will be to you left so take the road on the right all the way towards Africa Nazarene main campus. Rolf’s place should be a few minutes away.

Thanks for reading loves and i hope you enjoyed it!




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Sunny Days

Hey loves I hope you’re all having a kick ass week. I found myself reminiscing of the sunny days when I didn’t have to drape myself in a scarf and jacket like  an Eskimo. I’m not too fond of the cold (Can’t imagine myself surviving a winter if I ever have to someday). With that said I decided to share one of my best memories of the sunny days, which involves food of course! 😀

My sisters and I had lunch at News Cafe which is a contemporary cafe/bar chain with an upbeat vibe and an amazing ambiance.

Enjoy the post. xoxoxo



This is  a section of the indoor dinning when it’s all lit up at night. Looks quite romantic if I must say. 😉


The waitress who served us was quick and surprisingly had a smile the whole time she catered to us, which is quite rare with most service people in Nairobi.


Shortly after our food arrived. I had their barbeque wings, my younger sister had shrimps and the other had chicken breast stuffed with cheese. The food was mouth-watering and portions were fairly on point as you can all see.


On our way out, I took this shot of the front seating area which is more of a lounge for the internet and coffee lovers. It blew my mind.


Thanks for reading my post and I hope y’all enjoyed it!! That’s a picture of my sister (left) and I. Have a lovely weekend!!