Birthdays have always been special occasions in my family. My dad would go out of his way to make sure that his little girls had the best time. Our birthdays normally consisted of cake, drinks and food, and, that is a tradition that my sisters and i have carried on with 😊 

I’ve had two amazing birthdays in my adult years: one which this guy i was dating (now my ex, no names 😁)went out of his way to make sure i had a blast. This years is two.

I love people who go the extra mile, because I’m one of them myself. Im shamelessly selfless and therefore get easily hurt when i encounter selfish people. 

This year, this group of people that i spent my birthday with proved to me that genuine love does exist. It wasn’t about the gifts or venue, what hit home with me is the fact that they were more excited than i was 😂😁 

Here are a few pictures from the day. 
Ps. If you have people who stay in your life even when you have nothing to offer them, keep them!! 


Location: The Arbour 

Photography: Ravi Soin 

Cake @pastrypleasures



Hi loves!! I know its been a minute, how are y’all doing? Personally im stocked!! My birthday is literally in 4 days and I’m super excited 😀

So Sunday is my favourite day of the week because I get to bumm around and eat lots of junk lol Last sunday my fam and  went to our usual joint, i mean we love this place coz it’s just cosy and the food is amazing!!

The restaurant is called Urban Eatery and their theme is presenting the all-new concept of eating out; redefining urban living in a social space that matches the pace of Nairobi’s urban lifestyle. It is located in Westlands, at Delta Corner’s PWC Tower.





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Hi loves! I hope you’ve all been doing well?!. Personally im ecstatic about finishing my mid semester exams and  this babe is now looking  forward to EIDD celebrations *happy dance*

Has anyone else seen  and felt the amazing rays of sun? There couldn’t be a better way to usher in July than with the sunshine in all its glory.

So last weekend I decide to go to the Nairobi National Park (Entrance pictured above) as it had been  a while.This is one of the most unique parks in the WORLD as it is the only one that sits inside a city. How lucky are we!! 🙂 🙂 The park also features the worlds cheapest safari for $50

We went at sunrise as per the advise we got from other friends who’ve visited the park, they said that that’s when you have better chances at spotting a wider variety of wildlife.



IMG-20160629-WA0002IMG-20160629-WA0005IMG-20160629-WA0007 (1)IMG-20160629-WA0008IMG-20160629-WA0009IMG-20160629-WA0010

We didn’t get to see all the animals we had hoped to, but it’s okay, after all the park is in our backyard. Haha  (not in a literal sense)

Hope you enjoyed the post and I’d urge anyone who’s in Nairobi to give the park a try. You won’t be disappointed. No promises though lol
















Just the other day my epicurean self was looking for a new joint to try in town (i tend to try a new restaurant on a monthly basis, if the schedule and time allows). Growing up in the coastal shores of  Dar Es Salaam and the quaint little town of Mombasa, i was from an early age exposed to an array of Swahili and Arab infused dishes which have come to be the backbone of my foodie adventures.

Here’s a sneak peak of how my friends and i spent a lovely evening at the Ginza restaurant at Galana Rd.

Cheers xoxo