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Bangkok welcomes more visitors than any other city in the world and it doesn’t take long to realise why. It is also know as the City of Angels or the Venice of the East.

This city is vibrant and full of life. Some of the people themselves are like walking pieces of art with their brightly colored hair. Such a beautiful sight to behold. 

It thrills with energy, and the sightseeing, shopping, and eating possibilities are so vast that you’ll have little time to rest. When you do find a moment, though, you can pamper yourself at spas, skyline-view bars, luxurious hotels, and excellent restaurants.

From late October to late February, when Bangkok is at its coolest (85°F) and driest, is the best time to visit. By April the humidity and heat create a sticky stew that lasts until the rains begin in late June.

How cool is this open bar?!
Street food stand
Cute little pineapple stand



As the title suggests, this was a big wig party. All the  upcoming who’s and who’s of Kenya’s entertainment industry came out to play. 

If you still don’t get the drift of what im talking about,hang on 😁. 

Microberry is an artist led concert series that weaves an array of sound from Nairobi and beyond.This was the fifth edition dubbed MicRobbery All Star. This editions aim was to to showcase the best the city has to offer in the exploding underground scene .

The event took place at Treehouse, Westlands on 11 September, 2016. Hosted by the Posse. If you missed out I’m sorry!! 😁😁😄

Posse (pronounced Passi) means a group of people who have come together for the same purpose; which is to change the entertainment culture in Kenya and Africa as a whole. 

The team is made up of Barry Mo who is a rapper, singer and song writer.Lennox Leeroy who also doubles as a rapper, songwriter and visual orchestra and  the lovely Brenda Samba who is a singer and TV host.

Posse Boys during their performance
Posse team from the left; Barry Mo, Brenda Samba and Lennox Leeroy

These guys are the real deal, so check them out on social media 👉🏾👉🏾@wearetheposse on Instagram and @WeAreThePosse on Facebook

Thank me later 😉

Sauti Sol’s Savara joins Eduardo Omondi during his performance

The gentlemen from Halisi the band looking dapper
Silent Disco

The lovely Janice Iche during her performance. Girl’s got a voice 👌🏽
Fans of the Posse
My sister and I having a good time
Barry Mo looking good in pink 😄
Miss Samba and friends

 I must admit that this event was lit. The turn out was amazing and the artists had fans jamming  until late. Without a doubt. The Posse are a force to reckon with. 👏🏽👏🏽

Ain’t no party like a Posse party. If you don’t know you better ask somebody!!!! 

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Sunny Days

Hey loves I hope you’re all having a kick ass week. I found myself reminiscing of the sunny days when I didn’t have to drape myself in a scarf and jacket like  an Eskimo. I’m not too fond of the cold (Can’t imagine myself surviving a winter if I ever have to someday). With that said I decided to share one of my best memories of the sunny days, which involves food of course! 😀

My sisters and I had lunch at News Cafe which is a contemporary cafe/bar chain with an upbeat vibe and an amazing ambiance.

Enjoy the post. xoxoxo



This is  a section of the indoor dinning when it’s all lit up at night. Looks quite romantic if I must say. 😉


The waitress who served us was quick and surprisingly had a smile the whole time she catered to us, which is quite rare with most service people in Nairobi.


Shortly after our food arrived. I had their barbeque wings, my younger sister had shrimps and the other had chicken breast stuffed with cheese. The food was mouth-watering and portions were fairly on point as you can all see.


On our way out, I took this shot of the front seating area which is more of a lounge for the internet and coffee lovers. It blew my mind.


Thanks for reading my post and I hope y’all enjoyed it!! That’s a picture of my sister (left) and I. Have a lovely weekend!!




Just the other day my epicurean self was looking for a new joint to try in town (i tend to try a new restaurant on a monthly basis, if the schedule and time allows). Growing up in the coastal shores of  Dar Es Salaam and the quaint little town of Mombasa, i was from an early age exposed to an array of Swahili and Arab infused dishes which have come to be the backbone of my foodie adventures.

Here’s a sneak peak of how my friends and i spent a lovely evening at the Ginza restaurant at Galana Rd.

Cheers xoxo